Already four of my guests are dead now – also Max Spiers was found

The last Interview with Max Spiers a so called Conspiracy Theorist. R.I.P.
Also dead to early (Interviews in German): 
Bernd Matthes – – Greating own Money and Human Rights – R.I.P.
Gerd Schueler – – Politically expelled from Berlin to Moscow – Cancer – R.I.P.
Andreas Clauss – – For Selfempowerement against Globalisation – Cancer – R.I.P.
Lysander – anonym Blogger – Displacement to Brasil after Police often visited him – Cancer – R.I.P.
We will see us again Heroes – I take the Flag from here to give us a System with Money to count on! 
End the private FED!
At the end is Victory! Join the W.S.C.
Target Number 1 to make it a part of the american States

Autor: 100barden

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