Like a silent War – Slavery (private FED) or Greenback

Excuse me – System is System – Live is Live – Money is dead even Owners stay alive in Spirit and Half-Matter.

– FED is private
– Presidents don´t comment it watch
– Rand Cooperation lost in Numbers call it perverse but they don´t touch the Owners read
– Alex Jones Reporter and Gold/Silver Seller doesn´t talk about FED-Ownership of the leading Currency in the World but writing about Hillary commenting the FED read
– „Redsilverj“ from Youtube moaning about all Presidents are a big family but isn´t revaling the Owners of the Dollar so far watch
– „Honigmann“ from Germany States all are Illuminati Puppets (Putin, Hillary, Trump etc.) calls them Rockefeller and Rothschild read in german
– Watch „The American Dream Film“ (awesome) on Youtube for an Answer
Now the Problem how to make the FED owned by an american State when a worldwide Mafia-Familie is running it?
Get incorrubtible! THIS IS MONEY-MATRIX join the Freedomfighters – Freedom forever!

An Idea:

– Join the W.S.C. (german)
– Profile the Owners – did you hear something about the FED-Owners help us profiling them with the new FED Profiling Google Map

Official this Article is Art

Project Idea!
It has to be created a public registerlist about the Dollar Owners.
Property is resbonsibility – in Bavaria it is called „Verbeamtung“ like to tenure -forced liability- of private Owners and accountability will follow.
For that reason we will make if necesarry a Profiling-Project with Google maps and note when who where goes in and out certain Buildings.
I am German and brave is to be not afraid of nobody and nothing. 
by Doublewalker
(Please not another Anti-$-President dead)
Postscript: „In Germany we can´t say some Names (Rothschild) or Theories (FED Mafia) because of public ostracism that we would be Anti-Jew or some ridiculous thing like that“


Autor: 100barden

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