– You are in Hell -it is the poor Animals that are slaughtert and butchered the Heavens (New Jerusalem) where Jesus will be is his „Playground“ no meal must be necessary
– Luzifer (SETH), Satan, Belial, and Leviathan are the good Guys on Earth for me – the Princes of Hell (Earth).
– Revelation Apocalypse means too you hear the TRUTH and the maybe given Right to FREESUICIDE
– my Blogarticle for Rotschild to make a Statemoney with END THE FED in English tells me what to do Today / this Life.

Once again you are in Hell the Demons and Angels are here too – there are mystic Dimensions with Kings and Unicorns – Heavens/Paradises and so on – for them we are called Hell it isn´t a Paradise here.
But to Live means for everybody to have fun for a while untill we maybe die. Some have more Responsibility…

Who is the Antichrist for you? 

He is the KING of Earth/Hell
I am Earl Vale

Is that certain?: What is certain – some say (Johannes der Täufer) the Pope is it or some Aleister Crowley.

Where is he?: Spirit over Matter – Titels and Personification – I am not sure in which Time, Land or Body he is meanwhile or at all with us anymore.

Listen to KELTICA Sound

What are the Illuminati:
 – ENLIGHTHENED ONES – they – see, hear and smell more than some can Imagine.


What means 666 = XXX:
Trinity the Magic 3 – from 2 becomes 3: – 3 + 3

Runestone Rök with three X

Thanks for the Video – LUCK ANYWAY – for Peace and Happiness

There are People who call him ONE – but America has a Mr. One and I like to greet him as a Friend.

One of the best Songs I heard this Life so far for your FIDELITY and BENIGNITY.

PS:“Thanks to Mr. One for the 50 Dollar in the Orient“
Datei:Kampf der untergehenden Götter by F. W. Heine.jpg

Next Article is about Edda, Ragnarök and Mindgiants with Art about Hermes Trismegistos.

Are we Happy in better Destiny (in German a Word like the little Hammer in the Ear) and are ready in the Future (in German a shorter expell from Convention) because how you move you go…

Enjoy the big plant Playlist:

German: Fröhnen wir dem besseren Schicksal (Schickel im Ohr) und sind bereit in der Zukunft (Zusammenkunft) denn wie man sich bewegt so geht man…


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